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Trauma Awareness Day on Midday Maryland

On the May 18th 2022 Edition of Midday Maryland, host Elsa M. talked with Anthony Tannous – Trauma Medical Director at University of Maryland Capital Region Health – and Creason Walter – Community Outreach Specialist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Cente – about Trauma Awareness Month, Day and summer safety tips. 

What is Trauma Awareness Month and Day?

May is designated as Trauma Awareness Month by the American Trauma Society. This is the month that we focus our efforts on preventing trauma as trauma remains the number one cause of death in young adults.

Trauma Awareness Day – May 18th – is a day of celebration that seeks to draw inspiration from and provide support to survivors and families of traumatic injuries.

Drowning Prevention

During the summer months, it is important to implement prevention measures to prevent drowning in swimming pools.

Drowning is SILENT. It can happen in a second. There is no splashing or yelling when someone is drowning. 

Follow these tips to prevent drowning: 

  1. Install a fence around the swimming pool & lock it to prevent children from gaining access to the area surrounding the swimming pool. 
  2. Designate a water watcher. A water watcher is an adult who is responsible for watching all the swimmers for an amount of time before rotating to a different adult. 
  3. Keep new swimmers within an arms reach while in the swimming pool. 

Pedestrian Safety

Stay healthy by getting out and moving! Especially when the weather is nice! 

Every 80 minutes someone has died from getting hit by a car. Pedestrian Struck remains a major reason why we see people in emergency rooms. 

Keep these pedestrian safety tips in mind: 

  1. Use crosswalks to cross the street. 
  2. Walk on the sidewalks. 
  3. Walk in the opposite direction of traffic (facing traffic). 
  4. Put your phone down and keep distractions minimal. 

Thank you Anthony & Creason for participating in our Midday Maryland Segment!

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