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Pedestrian Safety on Midday Maryland

On the October 4th Segment of Midday Maryland, Creason Walter, Injury Prevention Coordinator at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, talked with Host, Elsa M. about pedestrian and bicycle safety for National Walk and Roll to School Day! 

Be a Safe Pedestrian by: 

  • Looking left, right, left before crossing. 
  • Walking on sidewalks, if available. 
  • If sidewalks are not available, walking on the side of the road facing traffic. 
  • Crossing at crosswalks or corners. 
  • Making eye contact with the driver before crossing the street. 
  • Staying alert! No distractions – put the phone and earphones away. 
  • If walking at night or early in the morning, wearing bright colors or reflective clothing. 

Be a Safe Bike Rider by: 

  • Wearing a properly fitted helmet. 
  • Riding with the flow of traffic. 
  • Wearing bright colors so you can be seen by drivers. 
  • Making eye contact with drivers when turning. 
  • Using hand signals to let drivers know you are stopping or turning. 
  • No distractions – put the phone and earphones away. 

As drivers, be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists by: 

  • Obeying all traffic signals. 
  • Looking twice before turning at the crosswalk. 
  • Giving plenty of room for walkers and bikers on the road. 
  • Look Up. Look Out. Stay Alert. 

Visit Zero Deaths Maryland for more information on being a safe pedestrian

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