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Midday Maryland Summer Safety – All About Burn Prevention & Water Safety

On our June 2023 segment, Dr. Erica Hodgman – Pediatric Burn Director at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center – talked with Midday Maryland Host, Elsa, about preventing burns this summer and water safety. 

During the summer, children and adults are susceptible to getting sunburned. Dr. Hodgman shared that “the younger the kid, the thinner the skin, and the shorter amount of time it takes for a really bad sunburn to happen.” To prevent sunburns use an sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply every 90 minutes. Consider using an SPF rash guard or hat. Seek shade to get out of the sun. 

Summer time is full of cookouts and bonfires! Dr. Hodgman recommends keeping at least a 3 foot radius around grills or bonfires. Mark out the 3 foot radius ahead of time to show children the safety zone around grills or bonfires. 

Water Safety is always important, especially in the summer. Be sure to have a fence around your pool to prevent children from accessing without an adult. Designate an individual to be a Water Watcher while children are swimming. 

With the 4th of July around the corner, Dr. Hodgman recommends leaving the fireworks to the professionals. Sparklers can get up to 2000 degrees and can cause serious burns. Sober adults should light fireworks one at a time, have water near by, and never point a firework at someone. 

Thank you Dr. Hodgman for participating in our June Summer Safety Midday Maryland Segment. 

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