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Midday Maryland featuring Child Passenger Safety

September 17 – 23 is Child Passenger Safety Week. A week where Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) educate on car seat safety and participate in various local seat check events. 

On this Midday Maryland Segment, Tracy Whitman, Program Coordinator at Maryland Kids in Safety Seats, shares tips on how to select the right car seat for your child, common misuse that our CPSTs are seeing in the field, and a review of the REVISED Child Passenger Safety Law here in Maryland. 

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-13? Car seats and booster seats provide the protection tot keep our kids safe in an accident, but it’s also important that the seats are installed and used properly. 

For more information on Child Passenger Safety in Maryland or to sign up for a local car seat check, please visit: 



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