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Firearm Safety on Midday Maryland

On the September 26th, 2022 edition of Midday Maryland, host Elsa M. talked with Jeff Hobbs – Trauma Program Manager at UPMC Western Maryland – and Dr. Joe Sakran – Director of Emergency General Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Firearm violence is a public health crisis. How are Maryland Trauma Centers being affected by the rise in gun violence and what are they doing to address it?

We are facing a public health crisis, 45,000 deaths are happening across our country. Maryland (in addition to other states) are significantly impacted by the deaths and the non-fatal injuries as well. There is a lot that that we as healthcare systems can and need to do beyond the trauma center and operating room – such as violence intervention programs, educating on safe storage and how to prevent an unintentional injury.

Proper storage of firearms in our home is key. Share with the ways to properly store firearms in our homes.

Guns should be stored out of sight, out of reach, unlocked, and ammunition stored separately. A cable lock and gun lock box are great ways to store guns. 

Firearm safety applies to all types of guns, including hunting rifles. What are some key safety tips to remember when we are out hunting?

Large guns safes are made to store those larger hunting guns. 

Dr. Sakran is a gun violence survivor and a trauma surgeon. He is able to see this public health crisis through a different lens. 

When Dr. Sakran was in high school, he was shot in the neck by a 38 caliber bullet. With his perspective as a gun violence survivor and a trauma surgeon, he is able to see this public health crisis from a different vantage point. He is inspired to reduce gun violence here in Maryland and in America. 

Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of gun violence in our communities. 

We are seeing a large number of gun violence victims here in Baltimore and it’s our job to share their stories.

Thank YOU – Jeff Hobbs & Dr. Joseph Sakran for participating in our Midday Maryland Segment!

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