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Distracted Driving on Midday Maryland

On the November 21st, 2022 edition of Midday Maryland, host Elsa M. talked with Chrissy Nizer – Administrator of the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration, Governor Larry Hogan’s Highway Safety Representative – and Alexandra Roginsky – Acute Care & Trauma Surgeon at Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital – about distracted driving. 

Distracted diving is a leading cause of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. In Maryland, what is the average number of injuries and fatalities each year? 

About 200 of fatalities and 2,400 injuries are caused by distracted driving. Paying full attention to the road while driving will reduce those numbers. For the most up-t0-date numbers, visit Zero Deaths MD

What is the definition of distracted driving and what are the four types?

Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away while driving. It can be visual such as looking at your phone. It can be auditory such as talking on phone. It can be mechanical such as eating or drinking or putting on make up. It can be cognitive such as thinking about dinner or child care pick-up. 

Putting the phone on silent and paying full attention to the road can prevent distracted driving. It takes a fraction of a second for something terrible to occur. 

Dr. Roginsky shares her story of being a victim of distracted driving. 

Dr. Roginsky was headed to her hospital in Chicago, crossing the street in the crosswalk. One car stopped to let her cross, another decided to go in the bus lane to pass the stopped car, hitting Dr. Roginsky. Luckily Dr. Roginsky was okay and was able to walk from the scene. The driver that hit her drove off. 

How can we be the FOCUSED Driver?

When you are behind the wheel , in the vehicle, it is not the time to be on your phone. Some drivers will put their phone away and out of reach while driving, installing apps on phones to prevent from getting texts or calls while driving. Have a passenger send the text, answer the phone call, or navigate directions. 

Thank YOU – Chrissy Nizer and Alexandra Roginsky for participating in our Midday Maryland Segment!

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