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Stop the Bleed PSA from MDCOT

Maryland Committee on Trauma created a Stop the Bleed PSA, for National Stop the Bleed Month, featuring chair Dr. David Efron and a traumatic accident survivor, who shares her story. Click below to watch the PSA. 

At any given moment of the day, our lives can change. Traffic accidents, violence crimes, and natural disasters can happen at any moment – during a family picnic or during our daily routine. 

Are you prepared to save a life? Each year, preventable deaths occur because of uncontrolled blood loss. 

The American College of Surgeons’ Stop the Bleed Program was started in 2015 as a result of the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Many lives have been saved since the program started, by simply learning how to control bleeding and how to apply a tunicate. 

A trauma survivor shares how a local policeman used Stop the Bleed saved her life following her accident. 

May is National Stop the Bleed Month. Click here to find a class near you. 

(The availability of classes may be small due to COVID guidelines and restrictions.)

This is a call to action for citizens to review the stop the bleed guidelines at

To contact MDCOT, click here or visit MDCOT website.

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