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Stop the Bleed on Midday Maryland

On the June 7th, 2022 edition of Midday Maryland, host Elsa M. talked with Afton Jamerson – Trauma Program Manager at Johns Hopkins Bayview – and Stephanie Armocida – General Surgery Resident at Sinai Hospital (LifeBridge) – about Stop the Bleed. 

What is Stop the Bleed?

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign that teaches anyone (clinical or not) to recognize bleeding and how to stop that bleeding to save a life. 

How can you learn Stop the Bleed?

Stop the Bleed courses are offered throughout the community.

Quick & Easy course, typically one hour in length, where 2 important skills are taught.

  1. How to recognize life threatening bleeding.
  2. How (as a community member) can intervene and save a life.

Stop the Bleed Kits & Alternatives

Stop the Bleed Kits can be purchased through the Stop the Bleed Website.

However, you can use alternative methods to Stop the Bleed. Items like a shirt, gauze, masks, etc. can be used to Stop the Bleed.

How to find a Stop the Bleed Course?

Stop the Bleed Website: Find a Course

Maryland TraumaNet Website: Find a Course

Maryland Committee on Trauma Website: Find a Course 

Thank you Afton & Stephanie for participating in our Midday Maryland Segment!

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