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TraumaNet’s Jaime Gannon, gives a brief demonstration with WBAL’s Lisa Robinson on how to STOP THE BLEED. Click Here

Accidents happen when you least expect it. When driving to your summer vacation and a car accident happens in front of you, when you’re at your favorite fishing spot and your friend has a bad fall, working in an auto body shop or warehouse and co-worker has a sudden accident, or at the park and a child falls off of the top of the play set. Are you prepared to save that friend or child’s life?

Uncontrolled bleeding, or hemorrhage, is the number one preventable cause of death from injury and it doesn’t only happen from being shot or stabbed. STOP THE BLEED is an international training to teach the general public how they can help save the life of someone who may be suffering from uncontrolled hemorrhage after an accident or assault. Classes are offered, free of charge,  throughout the state of Maryland. Please go to, Maryland Committee on Trauma or TraumaNet to find a class near you!

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