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Pedestrian Safety

Blog Presented by Meritus Medical Center – Trauma Service

Get hit by a car? That will never happen to me most think but unfortunately as the number of distractions increase for both drivers and pedestrians so does the risk for getting hit by a car.

Pedestrians need to make sure their safety is top priority when walking and in particular crossing the street. There are many ways in which a pedestrian can increase their safety and decrease their risk of getting hit. Look up! This means putting down the cell phone, taking earbuds out of your ears and looking around at your surroundings. Always walk on sidewalks and use cross walks. It is important that pedestrians walk where they are supposed to walk, a driver does not expect to see a person in the middle of the road walking.

Be patient. In a world where everyone is always on the go, it can seem like forever to wait for the cross walk sign to light up. Waiting for the safety light to change can mean the difference between getting hit or making it across the street safely. Be seen! Make sure that when you are walking that you wear clothes that are bright and reflective (if out near dark). If it is early in the morning or late at night and you are wearing dark colors it can be impossible for a driver to see you until it is too late. Do you know how to correctly cross the street? Always look left-right-left before you start to cross and always make eye contact with the drivers as you cross the street. Following these easy to implement safety rules can make your walking experience a safe one.

Be Safe. Be Seen.

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