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Bike Helmets

It’s sunny. The weather is warm and your child can’t wait to get outside (Let’s be honest – you too have been waiting for the winter weather to break so you can send the kids out to get some fresh air and play!). Your child runs outside, jumps on his bike and takes off down the street with friends – but wait! You and your child have forgotten one of the most vital parts of riding a bike – the bike helmet!

Children are injured every year from riding bikes because they simply forgot a vital component of bike riding – the helmet. Bike helmets should always be worn by bike riders of all ages. A bike helmet, when worn correctly, will help decrease brain injury if a person falls from the bike or is unfortunately hit by a vehicle. A simple rule of “no helmet, no bike” should be implemented by all families. Here are basic steps to ensure that the helmet fits your child correctly:

  1. Does the helmet fit snug and straight on the child’s head?
  2. Do the ear straps fit around the ears?
  3. Does the strap clip snuggly underneath the child’s head?
  4. When the child moves his head from side-to-side, does the helmet stay in place?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, your child is ready to ride. The best treatment for injury is prevention and by ensuring that with each ride your child takes, he is wearing a helmet, you and your child are doing your part! Enjoy the warm weather and stay safe!

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