Executive Committee

Elizabeth Wooster, RN, PhD, BSN, MS, MsEM
(240) 964-4395
Email: ewooster@wmhs.com

Immediate Past Chair:
Tara Carlson, MS, RN
(410) 328-7347
Email: tcarlson@umm.edu

Vice Chairperson:
Elliott R. Haut, MD, PhD, FACS
(410) 502-3122
Email: ehaut1@jhmi.edu 

Susie Burleson, MBA, MSN, RN
(301) 790-8380
Email: susie.burelson@meritushealth.com 

Kathy Noll, MSN, RN
(410) 614-4514
Email: knoll@jhmi.edu

Chair-Legislative Committee:
Tara Reed Carlson, MS, RN
(410) 328-7347
Email: tcarlson@umm.edu 

Chair-Financial Advisory Committee:
Elliott R. Haut, MD, PhD, FACS
(410) 502-3122
Email: ehaut1@jhmi.edu 

Website Manager
Dawn Moreland
Email: Dawn.Moreland@dimensionshealth.org

Website Manager
Lauren Smith
Email: lhsmith@lifebridgehealth.org

Primary Adult Resource Center (PARC)


The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

– Location: Baltimore, Maryland


Level I


The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Adult Trauma Center

– Location: Baltimore, Maryland


Level II


Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Trauma Center

– Location, Baltimore, Maryland

Prince George's Hospital Center

– Location: Cheverly, Maryland

Sinai Hospital

– Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Suburban Hospital
Johns Hopkins Medicine

– Location: Bethesda, Maryland


Level III


Meritus Health System

– Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

– Location: Salisbury, Maryland

Western Maryland Health System
Regional Medical Center

– Location: Cumberland, Maryland


Pediatric Trauma Center-Level I


Pediatric Center at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center

– Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Children's National Medical Center

– Location: Washington, DC


Trauma Centers Links Here

Advocating for Maryland's Citizens

Pediatric Patient Visits

TraumaNet is a multidisciplinary organizational advocacy group focused on issues regarding the provision of trauma care within the Maryland Trauma System. It has representatives from each of Maryland's designated trauma centers and specialty referral centers. TraumaNet is committed to the development and promotion of excellence in the delivery of trauma services in the state of Maryland by providing trauma expertise through consultation and leadership. Focus is put on issues related to clinical care, research, education, injury prevention and healthcare policy while promoting a collaborative statewide approach to address issues related to all aspects of trauma care delivery. TraumaNet assists the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS) in the performance of its mandated functions including data collection, program evaluation, interhospital protocols, and patient transfer policies.


TraumaNet recommends to the Governor a representative(s) for appointment to the Statewide Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council (SEMSAC) as required by the Maryland Emergency Medical Services Act of 1993. TraumaNet may assist SEMSAC and the Emergency Medical Services Board, as requested, in the performance of their duties. TraumaNet is an advisory group to its members, State agencies, and other organizations but has no authority to impose its decisions or recommendations on its members or others.


Adult Patient Visits

Pediatric Patient Visits

Trauma Center Categorization

Trauma Physician Services Fund


During the 2003 Legislative Session, the Maryland General Assembly adopted the Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund to aid Maryland’s trauma system  and to reimburse trauma physicians for uncompensated care losses and trauma centers for trauma-related on-call expenses. Since the creation of the Trauma Fund in 2003, the Maryland legislators and TraumaNet have worked together to maintain the viability of the fund, thus the viability of the Maryland Trauma System.


Overall, the purpose of the Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund is to stabilize the trauma system in Maryland by reimbursing trauma physicians for costs associated with treating trauma patients. TraumaNet would like to thank the Maryland General Assembly for their continued support.