Melissa Meyers is Retiring!

It’s time to say good-bye to a long time member of the MD Trauma community.

Melissa Meyers will be retiring from her position as the Trauma Program Director at Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital during the first week of October 2021.

Melissa has been an integral part of Maryland’s Trauma System since the late 1990’s. She started her trauma career in Cumberland at a level 3 trauma center, which at that time the state was just beginning to officially verify hospitals as designated trauma centers in Maryland. After cutting her teeth there, she then moved to the higher volume, higher acuity level 2 trauma center, Prince George’s Hospital Center, as the Trauma Program Manager, where she stayed for 4 years. She then found her long term trauma home at the Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital where she has been the Trauma Program Director for the last 14 years.

During her many dedicated years of trauma service in Maryland, Melissa has been appointed to and volunteered for positions on statewide EMS and other trauma related committees. She has also been the chair for TraumaNet and the chair for the MD TQIC (Trauma Improvement Committee). Melissa has served on multiple committees and sub-committees within these and organizations. She has been involved in the “Stop the Bleed” campaign and has also been an instructor for the ATCN (Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses) course.

But one cannot work at this forever.

So now it’s time for  Melissa to take her well earned and well deserved retirement. The trauma community is going to miss her ongoing contributions to everything trauma in Maryland as well as all her historic Maryland trauma system knowledge, but we are excited for Melissa and wish her the best of luck as she starts this new chapter of her life!

Congratulations Melissa! We at TraumaNet, will miss you! Thanks for all that you have done for Trauma in Maryland and specifically TraumaNet.

Melissa's last day at Suburban Hospital 10/4.

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