Burn Awareness Week 2022

The first full week in February is the American Burn Association’s Burn Awareness Week (Feb 6 – 12, 2022). During this week, organizations unite to share common burn awareness and prevention messages in our communities. The 2022 Burn Awareness Week topic is Cooking Safety.

The American Burn Association (ABA) is is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by burn injury.

While cooking in the kitchen, remember these safety tips to prevent burns!

General Cooking Reminders

  • Remember to always stay in the kitchen while cooking! Never leave the stove unattended. 
  • Wear short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking. 
  • Stay ALERT while cooking! Best time to cook is when you are wide awake! 

Preventing Scald Burns While Cooking

  • Use the back burners of the stove and keep pot handles turned away from the edge to keep hot food and liquid out of reach of children.
  • Have a “kid-free zone” of at least 3 feet around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried. 
  • Keep hot drinks off of low tables and away from edges of countertops. Use a travel mug with a lid around children.

Preventing Contact Burns While Cooking

  • Always have hot pads readily available when cooking. Assume all pots and pans are hot.
  • After cooking, check the kitchen to make sure all burners and other appliances are turned off.

Preventing Flame Fires While Cooking

  • Keep lighters away from children. Child-resistant lighters are not child-proof.
  • Install smoke alarms in every sleeping space and every level of the home.
  • Wipe clean the stove, oven, exhaust fan to prevent grease buildup, which could lead to a scald burn or grease fire.

Blog submitted by:

Creason Walter

Community Outreach Specialist

Injury Prevention

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

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