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TraumaNet – Motor Vehicle Safety Presentation

Recent presentation from Maryland Department of Transportation on Highway safety and the states goal of “Zero Deaths” 2018_Trauma Net

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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness is a misleading concept. No organization is ever truly prepared for a disaster event. Most preparedness activities are directed toward what is known as an “All Hazards” concept. It is extremely difficult to plan for every possible type of event that could impact a community.

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Bike Helmets

Children are injured every year from riding bikes because they simply forgot a vital component of bike riding - the helmet.

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pedestrian safety

Pedestrian Safety

Get hit by a car? That will never happen to me most think but unfortunately as the number of distractions increase for both drivers and pedestrians so does the risk for getting hit by a car.

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echelons of care

Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund

During the 2003 Legislative Session, the Maryland General Assembly adopted the Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund to aid Maryland’s trauma system and to reimburse trauma physicians for uncompensated care losses and trauma centers for trauma-related on-call expenses.

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Maryland Roadway Fatalities

Download PDF Statistics on Maryland Roadway Fatalities

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