Maryland Trauma Center Network


The mission of The Maryland Trauma Center Network (TraumaNet) is to act as a multi-organizational advocacy group focused on issues regarding the provision of trauma care within the Maryland Trauma System.  TraumaNet is committed to the development and promotion of excellence in trauma services delivery in the state of Maryland by providing trauma expertise through consultation and leadership in issues related to clinical care, research, education, injury prevention and healthcare policy while promoting a collaborative statewide approach to address issues related to all aspects of trauma care delivery.

TraumaNet will accomplish this mission through the demonstration of the following values:

  • Quality of Care - Belief that the main objective of the group is the provision of optimal trauma and specialty care throughout the state of Maryland.
  • State System Centered – The belief that organizational decisions/actions are based on the best interest of the overall trauma system.
  • Organization Centered- Commitment to the development of an infrastructure to support the needs of the group to accomplish the mission.
  • Liaison Building – Foster collaboration within the trauma care community.